5 Ways To Build Your Self Esteem

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  1. Take care of yourself

Treat yourself with respect by eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Connect to your body and listen to it. When you are feeling good both inside and out, you radiate confidence!

2. Praise yourself for your successes

When you do something right (like a good deed or even just keeping up with your school work), acknowledge yourself for doing so well! Be proud of yourself!

3. Surround yourself with loving people who build you up

When you hang around friends who tear each other down or put others down, they will influence your self esteem in a negative way as well. It’s hard to feel confident when everyone around you is putting themselves down too! Surrounding yourself with positive people will help build up your self esteem too! It’s a win-win situation!! Who doesn’t love that?

4. Look at the bright side of things

When you see or hear something that could be a potential problem, look for the good in it. Don’t dwell on the bad! Instead, focus on how you can turn a bad situation around into a positive one and use your talent to make everything better!

5. Practice makes perfect

If you are not feeling confident about something (like playing an instrument or starting school) give yourself some time to practice and get used to it before being judged by others! As your confidence grows, so will your accomplishments!

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