Five Secrets to Being a Great Leader

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  1. A great leader stays calm and collected in a crisis. A great leader has the ability to make good choices when he or she is being pressured. In a stressful situation, it is easy for people to make rash decisions; however, a great leader always makes logical decisions that are beneficial for the long run, even if they aren’t as enjoyable in the short term.
  2. A great leader shows integrity. His or her values are strong and can never be shaken by other people’s opinions of him/her. He or she is consistent and confident in his/her own beliefs, ideas, and plans.
  3. A great leader is trustworthy. Whenever he or she gives you his or her word on something, he/she sticks to it no matter what happens afterwards; if there needs to be a change of plan, he/she informs all involved accordingly.
  4. A great leader inspires others with his/her ideas and plans for the future of the group/business/etc.. He or she believes so strongly in what he/she believes in that it rubs off on those around him/her and inspires them to believe in something too!
  5. A great leader has good communication skills . He knows how to listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions without letting their opinion sway him from his own plans, but at the same time he knows when it is okay to change course based on another person’s input (and does so respectfully).

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