Let’s Admit It: Everyone Secretly Hate Leadership

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Leadership can never please everyone, so instead they try to do what is best for the most people. At least that’s what we’d like to hope, but in reality we feel like leadership is really out to please their superiors and get their bonus. Below are the primary reasons we hate leadership.

1. They never seem to be able to grasp the idea of being a leader, but rather act like they are just someone who happens to have authority and is in charge of some people.

2. Leadership has no idea how to communicate with their employees and it seems like they only want to communicate with you when something bad has happened.

3. Leadership is always asking for ideas on how to make the company better, but when get them, leadership just ignores them or does the opposite of what you suggested anyway.

4. Leadership always chases after the next shiny object that promises big results, instead of fixing the problems that need fixing right now in front of them.

5. A “leader” (I use quotes because I don’t think we even know what that means) will ask everyone else for advice on how to handle a problem then do whatever they please anyway. Then tell everyone else why they made the right call after it’s over because they feel like they were justified or something crazy like that which makes us all wonder why we even bothered giving advice in the first place.

6. Leadership has all the time in the world to tell you that they have no time and how busy they are when you are on their schedule and trying to work with them, but if someone else is on their schedule who they want to impress or whose good opinion they care about, then suddenly they have much less important things to do and plenty of time for that person.

7. Leadership doesn’t seem to understand why people get upset with them at times or feel like leadership has betrayed them after promising something, even when it’s not possible (or realistic) to deliver what was promised.

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