5 Ways To Get Motivated In The Morning

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  1. Make Your Bed
    This is the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning. It sets the tone for my day. When you wake up and are faced with a mess, your mind immediately goes to “oh no, what else in my life is going wrong?” Making your bed tells your mind that even if everything around you might be falling apart, at least one thing will always remain in perfect order.
  2. Drink Water
    Hydration is important. If you drink enough water before bed, you’ll have to get up to pee (which gets you out of bed). This will help with #1 above, but it can also help with more than just making the bed. It’s important to hydrate yourself throughout the day anyway and this way it forces you to drink every few hours instead of waiting until late afternoon or evening time when everyone gets dehydrated.
  3. Take A Cold Shower
    I know what some of you are thinking: why! But I love taking cold showers! It makes me feel alive and awake and ready for anything! Even if it’s not 5 minutes long (and as long as you’re not freezing or burning yourself), it’s helpful because our minds tend to think about all kinds of things on a normal day–things that we want, things we need, things we’re worried about–so waking up and giving yourself a reality check will cool off all those thoughts and make them seem less intense by comparison.
  4. Put On Some Music
    Put on some music before getting ready for work and sing along while getting ready.
  5. Get Up Earlier
    You won’t have time to sit around thinking about how much work there is to do or how little sleep. You’ll just have time to get it done.

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