4 Reasons Why We Procrastinate

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  1. Distraction
    People tend to get distracted by things in their lives and therefore postpone doing something they had originally intended to do. This could be a personal project such as writing an essay, studying for an exam, or finishing homework. It could also be a task at work such as completing a report or proposal, submitting paperwork, or preparing a presentation. Whatever the reason may be, it is important that people stay focused on their tasks at hand and not allow themselves to get distracted by other things that come up during the course of their day.
  2. Fear of failure
    Another reason why we procrastinate is because we are afraid of failure. When we think about doing something and then actually going out and doing it, there’s always this nagging feeling inside that tells us all the reasons why we shouldn’t do it. So instead of facing our fears head-on, we avoid them by putting things off until later on down the line. We tell ourselves that “we’ll have more time” or “we can wait until tomorrow”, but when tomorrow comes around what was once were thoughts in our mind has now become reality and puts us in a worse position than where we started from.
  3. Hope for more time
    A third reason why people procrastinate is because they believe that more time will give them options in terms of completing something they need to get done. In actuality though, it does quite the opposite; lessening your chances rather than increasing them. By putting off things you need to do until later on in time when you find yourself without enough time available for everything, you are actually setting yourself up for disappointment rather than hope. Even if you think you have enough time available right now to complete everything, if it doesn’t get completed then there’s always going to be another day which will lead to another tomorrow—and so on. The longer stuff gets pushed back into the future, the harder it becomes emotionally because its presence feels like a never-ending cycle; similar to constantly pushing water uphill with no results being achieved towards completion.
  4. Lack of motivation/discipline
    Lack of motivation and discipline are linked together since discipline stems from motivation which helps someone stay focused on an objective or goal they want to achieve. Without having any type of motivation present though, one’s discipline level tends to dwindle down since they don’t have anything driving them forward towards reaching some end result which would make them feel accomplished in some way shape or form. The only real remedy for this type of situation is through self-motivation which comes from within oneself; not from others around you who may try convincing you otherwise regarding certain issues that relate more towards your personal life rather than anything else (i.e., family members)

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