5 Skills of a Great Public Speaker

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  1. Confidence
    When speaking to others, there is nothing worse than a speaker who is nervous and uncomfortable with their topic. Instead, it is important to exude confidence in the material you are presenting. When you are confident and comfortable with your message, your audience will be more receptive to what you have to say.
  2. Clarity
    Good communication skills also include clarity of speech and pronunciation when speaking in public. While public speakers should not speak too quickly or mumble when presenting, they should also strive to enunciate clearly so that each word is understood by all listeners. As much as possible, pronunciations should be consistent so that everyone understands exactly what you’re saying throughout the presentation.
  3. Passion
    While most people would shy away from the opportunity to speak publicly, those that choose to do so should do so because they share a passion for their subject matter as well as a desire for its dissemination among others. Without passion for one’s topic or desire for audience understanding, it will be difficult for speakers to convey their message effectively and engage listeners in the information being shared.
  4. Eye Contact
    One of the best skills of a great public speaker is being able to maintain eye contact with members of their audience while speaking in order to establish trust and rapport with them. It allows audiences greater access into the mind of the speaker as well as being an effective way of receiving feedback on how well a speaker’s message has been received by his/her listeners. Additionally, looking an individual listener directly in the eyes establishes credibility between both parties involved. This trust can then lead into further discussions between both parties after a presentation has concluded if desired.
  5. Voice Control & Volume Controlling
    Controlling one’s voice volume during a presentation allows audiences greater access into what you have to say by allowing them greater focus on your message rather than background noises such as air conditioning units or traffic outside. For this reason, it is important that speakers remain conscious of their volume levels at all times and adjust accordingly if needed. Your voice can either enhance your speech or detract from it depending upon its level at any given time.

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