4 Steps To Positive Thinking

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  1. Recognize that negative thoughts are nothing more than messages from your mind. They’re not reality. They’re not truth. They are simply thoughts that your mind and body have created.
  2. Understand that negative thoughts distort reality. They make you believe things about yourself, other people, or situations that aren’t true and don’t promote your happiness or well-being.
  3. Think of the positive side of things instead of dwelling on the negative. Instead of thinking “I can never do anything right at work,” think “I did a great job this time; I just need to be more organized next time so I can do even better!” Instead of thinking “My boss doesn’t like me,” think “Maybe if I got to know my boss better, we could have lunch together sometime soon. That would be fun!”
  4. Practice positivity in small but consistent ways each day: smiling at strangers as they walk by, complimenting co-workers on their work performance, saying thank you to someone for a kind gesture—whatever feels comfortable and natural for you. The more you practice these actions, the easier they will become and the more often you will use them as tools for fighting negativity in your life—and the happier and healthier you will be!

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